Once you buy a hosting package, register your domain name and choose the products that you want to sell online, there is only one thing left before you start your online business venture – building an eCommerce website. People are creating eCommerce websites with the help of different platforms, but thousands of them have decided to use WordPress.

By relying on WordPress for building eCommerce websites, you can create a dynamic website that you can manage and maintain on your own. This is the best solution for those who are not great fans of the idea to hire professional web designers and developers for their website.

There are many advantages of using WordPress as a platform for your eCommerce website. First of all, this platform provides built-in RSS feeds that visitors can subscribe to. Furthermore, creating and customizing an eCommerce website on WordPress is very easy. You will get a comment section for better communication with your clients and there is a huge, friendly community that can help you in case you get stuck. Finally, WordPress users can choose from hundreds of themes both paid and free themes.

Creating a WordPress-based eCommerce website

Once you log in to the hosting account, you will get a chance to install the WordPress files. There is a thorough guide about WordPress installation on every major hosting provider. The next step is to choose theme/template. Our advice is to use a free theme in the beginning because there are many attractive free themes. Select a theme that reflects your brand and industry. After that, you can add the eCommerce plugin. In this way, you will turn your ordinary website into an online store. According to many experts, WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Of course, your final decision depends on the number and type of items you are trying to sell.

Next, you should add the products. This process is usually easier when it’s conducted through the features provided by the eCommerce plugin you are using. What is important to understand is that the number of products you can add to your offer is virtually limitless.

SEO is another important thing when you are building an eCommerce website. There are many plugins for WordPress that can help you optimize your content like All-in-One SEO Pack and Yoast. Finally, once you finish all these steps, take some time to promote your eCommerce website.


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